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Tobidei, episode 1
Deidara ’s POV: when Sasori-dana died, I did not cry, I was too mad at him at the time... we had just gotten into one of our “art” arguments. It started as usual, with the whole “art is fleeting, un.”, and it always ended the same way too, “you idiot! You know nothing about true art! Being your partner is like torture sometimes!”
None of us could have predicted what happened next. Sasori died. And I was too pissed to even care that I would never see him again. Now it’s three months later, and I still have not cried.....

“Tobi! Get back here, un!!!!” yelled a certain blonde haired bomber ninja. Tobi smiled and continued running. He had recently gone into deidara’s room, stole some of his clay, and somehow managed to blow up half of the room hidan and kakuzu shared. Now deidara, hidan, and kakuzu hated the little mask-faced brat. But hidan was too busy tormenting kakuzu and vice versa to bother with the uchiha.  After about half an hour of this and soon deidara was red faced and leaned over, panting for breath.“It’s impossible to keep up with him! un!” he said. He decided to just give up and go back to his room and take a shower. So he did just that.

Tobi’s POV:
Meanwhile, I  was hiding out in the kitchen ,I  saw deidara leave and quietly tiptoed out. When deidara did not come back after about 15 or so minutes. I got to thinking “maybe I really upset deidara sempai this time...” I said to myself quietly. I walked upstairs and down the hall to the room that he and his old partner used to share. I never really knew who sasori was... I went to knock, but saw the door was slightly ajar. What I saw stunned me. Deidara-sempai was sitting on his bed, staring at a picture of sasori. He looked really sad. So I decided to go in and apologize. ‘Um...Deidara sempai? “ I asked tentatively. He just looked up ‘what is it now? hm?” he asked. “I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble today...” I apologized silently.
Deidara just looked away. ‘Then why don’t you just stop causing stress?” he asked.
“Do I really cause everybody stress?” I asked.   Deidara sighed “yeah, you do, hmm.”

Deidara’s POV:
I wondered why tobi was acting so nice.... usually he was just rowdy and annoying. A sudden image popped into my mind. It was sasori, not the one in hiruko, but the actual sasori. He was smiling. Maybe he had just killed someone or something.  My vision started to get blurry, a tear fell down my cheek. “Dana...” I said, just barely above a whisper. Tobi walked closer “sempai... what’s the matter? Am I making you cry? Should I leave?” he asked. I sniffed and wiped my face with my sleeve. “No” I said, looking up at tobi “it’s not your fault. hm”  
“Then what’s wrong?” he asked, moving closer. He was clearly upset that I was crying and he did not know why. I wiped my tears away again. “Tobi...” I said.

Tobi’s POV:
what happened next, startled me. Deidara stood up and threw his arms around me. I started to panic “sempai!  Please tell my why you are crying!’ I said. Deidara looked me straight in the... mask... and I saw that tears were streaming down his face. He clutched me again. “Sasori -dana is dead! hmm.” he cried. I patted his back. ‘It’s ok sempai, just cry on my shoulder. Let it all out” I comforted him. He nodded and continued to cry “ I never got to apologize for the fight!” he cried.  We stood there like that for some time. Deidara- sempai crying, and me comforting him. Suddenly, I had an idea. Slowly, I undid the knot that kept my mask on. When I took my mask off, I let it fall to the floor.

Deidara’s POV:
I heard a soft “clack” and looked up. Tobi had taken off his mask. He had a childlike face. His face was downright beautiful. I stopped crying and stared him in the eyes. “Why do you hide such a beautiful face. Hm?” I asked. Tobi smiled and leaned closer. Then he did something nobody would have guessed he would to. He kissed my cheek. I lifted my hand to the spot where his lips were just at and just stared in silence. “ because I only want deidara -sempai to see my face” he said quietly.
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